About Us

Sunstone Lifestyle began long before the launch of this shop. It began when I started to ask questions and when I started to listen. 

Climate change, deforestation, carbon footprint, what does it mean to be vegan?

In between all of that a source of my motivation came. Plastic pollution. I finally understood how detrimental plastic was to our environment – fossil fuels to derive it, pollution to produce and transport it, and it never breaks down? It kills our sea life and is polluting the water? Why the f*ck is this sh@t being used?!

Then the guilt set it. I saw plastic everywhere. Packaging, products, and materials. The small North Western Ontario town I live in had limited alternative options, if any at all. Overwhelmed with guilt I made a goal: replace one plastic item at a time. Now that is hard to do with a society that is built on automatic convenience. So many things are made out of plastic. 

Since my initial guilt had set in, I had been doing even more digging of information. The most useless and detrimental plastic of them all? Single use. To-go coffee cups, take out cutlery, food storage, household cleaning, and hygiene items. Single use hits us everywhere.

So I started with to-go coffee cups; I bring my own reusable one. Second to go was plastic tubs of butter. I purchase wrapped butter instead now and keep it on a butter dish.

As I continued to replace plastic items, I challenged myself to make a bigger difference locally. That is how Sunstone Lifestyle was founded. I’ve captured the helpful hands of my husband and the enthusiasm of my sons and family along the way. So now, we are over here advocating for a sustainable culture by retailing earth friendly goods. We want for not only us, but for our customers also, to have ethical and plastic free product options.

Based out of Sioux Lookout, Ontario we are endeavoring to source high quality, earth friendly products to inspire environmental and socially sustainable lifestyles foremost in our local community. We also aim to reach fellow Canadians across the country, keeping our carbon foot print smaller, as we ship exclusively within Canada. We have joined a global movement of environmental and socially sustainable living, and we are so grateful that you are here too.

As a mother of three, taking care of the planet that every one of its inhabitants shares is important to me. My children are my biggest motivation in this. So whether you have children or not, let your motivation consider what we will leave the next generation. Try different ways to be sustainable; if you fail at it? Try again. Do it imperfectly. Just be conscious and thoughtful about what you’re purchasing, and ask questions.

Wishing you all the best on your sustainable journey,

P.S. We hope you find the products you are looking for here! If not we'd love to hear from you about earth friendly products you’re looking for to expand our collection. Shoot us an email at hello@sunstonelifestyle.ca or a message on one of our social media pages (links found at the bottom of the page).