Cheeky Bits Jar
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Cheeky Bits Jar

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Simply add water to one of these cheeky bit cubes for a cloth wipe solution that is an eco-friendly replacement to disposable wipes. Add the solution to Cheek Ahoy's reusable wipes in a container and you're set. Alternatively, you can keep the solution in a spray bottle to use one wipe at a time. 

This jar comes with 30 Cheeky Bits which is roughly a 6 month supply. One cheeky bit solution in a mason jar will last for about one week worth of wipes. 

Packaging: A small mason jar that can be reused. 


Ingredients: Unscented Castile Soap, Organic Cocoonut Oil, Water, Tea Tree Oil (Used for its antibacterial properties).
This item is a personal hygiene item and will not be accepted for a return.