Melbourne French Press

Melbourne French Press

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The Melbourne bamboo French Press can be used for both coffee and tea. Use it with coarse ground coffee to make a strong and flavorful cup of coffee, or use it with loose-leaf tea. This French Press can be used to make hot or cold beverages.

This French Press has a bamboo lid and a natural cork base and features heatproof borosilicate glass. Also, this glass is completely heatproof and will never cloud or impart any flavor.

This French press coffee maker has a capacity of 8 cups / 1000 ml / 34 fl. oz, enough to make two to three large cups of coffee.

Easy to use, and much better for the environment than traditional coffee makers this French Press does not require any electricity or paper filters to brew your coffee or tea. Bamboo and cork are naturally renewable materials making this Melbourne French Press a very eco-friendly coffee maker for you to use.

This product supports Grosche Safe Water Project which provides 50+ days of safe drinking water for every product sold. Grosche is a Social Enterprise and a certified B Corp, which is the highest certification for businesses that are good for the world.

Materials: Bamboo, Cork and Borosilicate Glass
Please note this product is packaged in plastic bubble wrap.